Updates: Colossus pushed back to August ’23, The Between’s Spanish version, and progress on The Between’s sequel

If you’ve been looking forward to my dark and trippy SF novel, COLOSSUS, you’ll have to wait a bit longer, I’m afraid. My publisher, like many others right now, is running a bit behind with the editorial calendar. Colossus is a beast, with multiple story lines, a side narrative that takes place in footnotes, and other complexities. So I’m happy pushing things back rather than rushing. If you’re a reviewer, blogger, podcaster, fellow author, etc., that would like an advanced reader copy (ARC), those should be available in November. Shoot me a note if you want an ARC.

I just heard from my wonderful publisher in Spain, Dilitando Mentes Editorial, that The Between’s Spanish edition is still on schedule for a fall release this year will be out in January ’23. I can’t wait to hold a copy of it!

Finally, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about a sequel for The Between. I have always envisioned The Between as the first book of a trilogy, where the second book reveals much more of the bigger story at work, and the final book completes the arcs of this set of characters. Currently, I have an assortment of disconnected scenes written and a broad plan for what will happen. I’m hoping to make good progress this summer and have a solid draft of the sequel by the end of the year. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has sent me encouragement and questions. It really helps me push forward when the words are being difficult.

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