More updates!

The Spanish version of The Between (ENTRE MUNDOS) is out and in the wild. Look at this beautiful cover. Many thanks to the publisher, Dilatando Mentes Editorial.

Colossus is deep in the editing process. The August release date is going to be pushed back a little. I KNOW. I’M SORRY! I want it out in the world, but it has to be polished and ready. We’re almost there. Almost.

Once the Colossus edits are finished, I’ll be back to working on the sequel to The Between. I’m loving how it is coming together and am antsy to get back to it.

I might have also written a graphic novel with my wife since the last update. More on that soon…

To everyone who has sent notes: thank you! It is hard to overstate how nice it feels to know that someone out there has connected with my work.

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